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Abrasive products

Abrasive products

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Nanko Abrasives Industry Co., Ltd.
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Abrasive products
Wide range of sizes are manufactured from Macrogrits to Microgrits for all products. Also JIS #10000 for GC & WA are available.

GC Green Silicon Carbide

Macrogrits(~F220)、Microgrits (#240~#10000)

Green Silicon Carbide is a high purity silicon carbide produced in an electrical resistance arc furnace with high purity quartz and coke as it primary raw materials. The final product produces a harder, sharper, and more friable crystal than Black Silicon Carbide.

Primary Use:
Semiconductor, Silicon Substrate such as solar cells. Optical products (quartz crystal, sapphire crystal). Electronic components (hard disk).

C Black Silicon Carbide

Macrogrits(~F220、~P220)、Microgrits (#240~#4000)

Black Silicon Carbide is produced at a high temperature in an electrical resistance arc furnace with quartz and petroleum coke as it primary raw materials. The final product is sharp and friable with outstanding electrical and thermal conductivity properties.

Primary Use:
(For precision polishing of aluminum disks, a variety of magnetic materials) precision grinding wheels, coated abrasives (for precision polishing automotive, woodworking, metal products)

WA White Aluminum Oxide

Macrogrits(~F220、~P220)、Microgrits (#240~#10000)

White Aluminum Oxide is electrically fused in an arc furnace using Bayer process high purity alumina . The final product is used in applications where higher purity levels and lower iron content is desired as compared to brown aluminum oxide.

Primary Use:
For precision grinding (polishing precision miniature bearings, mechanical seals, etc.) Finishing Films (polishing various electronic components).

A Brown Aluminum Oxide

Macrogrits(~F220、~P220)、Microgrits (#240~#6000)

Brown Aluminum Oxide is fused in an electric arc furnace and produces a high strength, tough, and extremely durable grain. Brown Aluminum Oxide is a medium to high density products.

Primary Use:
For polishing optical products, precision parts, bonded or coated abrasives use.


  • Three-layer kraft paper bag
  • NET 1000KG super-sack
  • Various other carton box